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Letter from Geraldo Joffe 2017-08-08T14:26:42+00:00

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

A few days ago, one of FLAME’s supporters—an 89-year-old survivor of Auschwitz—phoned me from Michigan. His name is David.

David said, “Jim, if there had been groups like FLAME active in 1940, we wouldn’t have had a Holocaust—where I lost most of my family. Today you help keep Israel safe for the Jewish people—just in case.”

We don’t have many opportunities to hear stories of the Holocaust from eye-witnesses like David anymore. That’s exactly why FLAME is here.

No matter how the world’s unfair treatment of Israel may frustrate us, David’s words touch us—strengthening our determination to fight back.

I’m writing you because you have that determination—you are a passionate friend and advocate for Israel.

One thing is certain: Israel’s enemies won’t give up. Which means we at FLAME must keep defending Israel and telling her inspiring story.

Let me put 2017 in dramatic perspective for you, starting with the Israel’s treatment in the media over the last six months.

ANTI-ISRAEL MEDIA BIAS: As you would expect, Israel has gotten no breaks from the media and should expect none: The U.S. will continue to pressure Israel on settlements and peace negotiations (no matter how futile they seem)—and the media will pile on, finding every reason to fault the Jewish state.

We know this because the past year—like every year—has been full of anti-Israel attacks, like these, in the media:

  • Hundreds of media continue to refer to Israel’s ancient homelands of Judea and Samaria (aka, the West Bank) as “occupied Palestinian territory”—without, of course, ever explaining when the Palestinians actually acquired this land. (In fact, they have never possessed it, and thus this territory is, according to international law, disputed.)
  • The New York Times in April featured a long anti-Israel op-ed filled with lies and twisted history by Palestinian Marwan Barghouti—outrageously failing to mention that Barghouti is in an Israeli prison serving five life sentences for murdering innocent civilians.
  • Both the AP and Newsweek recently ran stories calling Tel Aviv—instead of Jerusalem—Israel’s capital. NPR’s “Here and Now” program claimed Israel plans to build thousands of new settlements in the West Bank, which was not trueno new settlements were planned.

These journalistic perversions occur so frequently, I could give you dozens more examples, but let me tell you what we can do about it.

How FLAME fights back against media bias: FLAME is the world’s only organization that publishes editorial-style ads—hasbarah—in media nationwide, telling the truth about Israel . . . and correcting media distortions and lies. Each of our position papers reaches an audience of some 10 million Americans:

Please consider these additional challenges that we pro-Israel advocates have faced and still must confront in 2017:

THE VILE BDS MOVEMENT ON CAMPUS: Imagine the horror of being a Jewish student on so many college campuses in 2017. Over the last year, 10 more U.S. universities, including Tufts, Pitzer and UC Riverside voted to support the hateful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Good news: Our active opposition—yours and FLAME’s—has defeated BDS initiatives at Ohio State, Columbia, University of Wisconsin and University of Illinois. But we can’t stop—because the anti-Israel hate continues!

  • Global security firm G4S announced its intention to pull out of Israel due to “commercial issues” following years of BDS intimidation efforts. Other BDS targets include Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Ahava and Pepsi’s co-owned Sabra hummus.
  • Last June, the American Anthropological Association only narrowly rejected a controversial BDS measure—even after its board approved it—thanks to active opposition raised by pro-Israel academics and FLAME’s campus hasbarah campaigns.
  • Again, thanks to your support of FLAME’s anti-BDS messages in dozens of mainstream media, more than 20 state legislatures have passed anti-BDS laws.

How FLAME helps defeat the BDS movement: Only FLAME publishes hasbarah messages that tell the ugly truth about BDS in scores of college and university newspapers, as well as traditional media, every year.

  • Our editorial titled “BDS, Academic Freedom and Anti-Semitism” exposes the BDS movement for the hypocritical organization that it really is—hiding outright Jew hatred behind a phony veneer of humanitarian rhetoric.
  • FLAME’s hasbarah effort called “Three Deceptive Myths of the BDS Movement” reveals lies told by BDS militants, including, most despicably, that this group wants peace. Indeed, the ad quotes a top BDS’ leader admitting that ending Israel’s “occupation” would not end BDS.

THE “BIG LIES” TOLD BY PALESTINIAN ARAB LEADERS—AND BACKED BY THE UNITED NATIONS: From Yasser Arafat to current president Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians have been masters of the Big Lie—and they’ve managed to convince many members of the United Nations, which last year passed some 20 rigged resolutions condemning the Jewish state. Here are two of the most insidious examples from the past year:

  • The Palestinians, backed by the U.N., this year passed one of the most treacherous resolutions ever against Israel, falsely declaring Jerusalem’s Jewish quarter, the sacred Western Wall and thousands of Jewish homes to be illegal. In a tragic betrayal, the U.S., supposedly Israel’s friend, failed to veto this action in the U.N. Security Council.
  • In late 2016, Bernie Sanders accused Israel of killing 10,000 civilians in its defensive war against the terrorist Hamas group in 2014—and of using “disproportionate force.” This ignorant falsehood, based on Palestinian lies, ran in thousands of U.S. media.

How FLAME helps refute Palestinian and United Nations’ treachery: No other pro-Israel group spreads the truth about Israel in media nationwide as FLAME does—doggedly exposing and refuting Palestinian and U.N. falsehoods, point by point.

  • Did you see FLAME’s outspoken editorial statement on “U.N. School for Terrorism” on our website? It exposes U.N.-sponsored schools for Palestinian children that teach Islamic jihad and hatred of Jews—yet are funded by hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars!
  • Likewise, FLAME’s outspoken editorial statement on “U.S. Funds Palestinian Terrorism,” tells how U.S. taxpayers subsidize Palestinian salaries to terrorists who murder Americans and Israelis—and demands Congress stop it.

I hope you agree that FLAME’s editorial hasbarah messages, which appear media reaching more than ten million readers—including college students—are needed to continue educating Americans about our enemy, Iran, anti-Semitism on campus and the value of Israel to the U.S..

These editorials spread the truth about Israel—a truth we can’t depend on mainstream media to tell.

I hope you also agree that Israel needs this kind of public relations—an organization to tell the inspiring story about the Jewish state—its virtues, values and accomplishments . . . and its strategic importance for our own country.

Who supports FLAME? Our media efforts are made possible by more than 30,000 passionate individual donors who love Israel and everything it stands for. They are caring people—Christians and Jews alike—who strongly believe Israel deserves a fair shake in the media.

Please be assured that FLAME is an educational non-profit organization and extraordinarily thrifty with the funds that you and other supporters contribute to us.  We work out of Spartan offices, much of our work is contributed pro bono and our part-time office-staff payroll is tiny.

By keeping expenses low, we’re able to publish our monthly messages in major national magazines and metropolitan and small-town newspapers all across the U.S. We also send our messages, with convincing cover letters, to all U.S. Senators and Representatives, the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and all Justices of the Supreme Court.

Finally, we place our messages in campus newspapers at dozens of colleges and universities.  As you know, many campuses are hotbeds of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic militants promoting the odious BDS movement.  We want to make sure that leaders of tomorrow’s generation are informed about the truth of Israel’s just cause.

Won’t you step forward again and join us in telling the truth about Israel? When you renew as a member of FLAME—or increase your donation—you join tens of thousands of ardent Zionists who realize how precious Israel is to the Jewish people—and the world.

Let me leave you with one thought: The American people must know the truth about these issues now. No more lies. Yet the only thing stopping persecution of Israel globally is the United States. When you become a member of FLAME, you help us continue telling Israel’s righteous and powerful story to influential people all over the U.S.—including college students.  I urge you to continue your tax-deductible membership now—so we can continue our vital media messages.

Thank you very much, shalom and sincerely yours,

James Sinkinson, President

P.S.1: Please consider leaving a bequest to FLAME in your will. Your generosity allows us to sustain and expand our voice in more mainstream media, and it secures our ability to support Israel for many decades to come.

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