Shocking Attacks on Israel—from the media, the UN, Palestinians and U.S. Congresswomen mean we must fight back.

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Dear Friend of FLAME:

Let me tell you about an anguished email just I received from a FLAME supporter: This kind woman was distressed due to the horrible bias against Israel she sees around her—on college campuses, in the media, the UN, and now among some American politicians.

I wrote back to her, admitting that while it can be frustrating when you love Israel as much as we do . . . we must always remember two things:

First, we are winning huge battles for Israel every day, and Israel is stronger than ever. Second, our struggle against the haters may never end—but the fight against our enemies makes us stronger.

I’m writing because I know you are committed from your heart to protecting Israel.

Unlike so many who take the Jewish state for granted, you understand the profound dangers from Israel’s enemies.

Like you, we at FLAME are used to the emotional roller coaster of advocating for Israel—sharing great joy at our victories, dismay at infuriating, unfair bias . . . but ultimately, always renewed energy and determination to defeat our enemies.

This past year was good for pro-Israel advocates because we achieved significant major victories in the U.S. and on the world stage—and for these we can celebrate (briefly):

✔ “Over the past year, we won major battles against the hateful BDS movement on campus and in U.S. localities—as of today 27 states have outlawed this racist movement—and the U.S. Senate has affirmed our right to do so by a 77-23 vote!

✔ Miraculously, the U.S. recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights—long overdue and well justified, but quite an unexpected victory (please recall that FLAME has been fighting for this acknowledgment for years)!

✔ Thanks to pro-Israel advocates like you and me, we defeated Airbnb’s boycott of Israeli-owned rental units in the West Bank—they reversed their policy in April!

My friends, these are major positive developments, especially after long uphill struggles with few rewards.


As you’re aware, while Israel has enjoyed decades of bipartisan support in the United States, this balance is threatened by two Congressional Representatives who oppose Israel and support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

We’ve also seen blatantly anti-Israel positions voiced by the Women’s March leadership—especially the Arab Linda Sarsour,who just last week outrageously claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian(!).

What’s more, the ACLU and a handful of left-leaning politicians have begun actively opposing the new Combating BDS Act in the House of Representatives—legislation that is desperately needed to protect Israel from rising anti-Zionist bigotry.

As you know, nothing is given to Israel— nor to us, who serve and protect the Jewish state. When we win, it’s only because we are diligent and fight harder than the bad guys.

That’s why I hope you’ll continue to stand behind the Jewish state—and FLAME—over the coming year, as the battle against the biased media, the Israel haters, the anti-Semitic U.N., the Palestinians and the Islamic Republic of Iran heats up again.

Here’s a preview of FLAME’s plan to rise to these challenges—as we have for the last 30 years—a plan I’m hoping with all my heart that you’ll approve of . . . and support generously.


Through a combination of ignorance and maliciousness, many media continue to slander Israel—one of the world’s most inspiring successes and the most enlightened nation in the Middle East.

Worst, of course, is the New York Times, which takes every excuse to malign the Jewish state—from house editorials and op-eds to factual errors and omissions in its biased “news” coverage. To hear the Times tell it, Israel is the evil colonial power, and the Palestinians have zero responsibility for peace.

Just one example: In April, a Times staff-written op-ed criticized the State Department for barring BDS founder Omar Barghouti’s entry to the U.S., arguing that supporting BDS is mere “criticism” of Israel. Yet as FLAME has documented many times, BDS is not criticism, it is racist anti-Zionism, dedicated to the destruction of Israel, one of America’s strongest allies.

Indeed, Barghouti has clarified, “we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.”  The Times believes we should host our sworn enemies!

But Reuters, the Daily Mail, History Channel, Nation, Associated Press, the Guardian, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, the New York Post—all these media and more also recently committed egregious reporting “errors,” attacked Israel editorially or maliciously cast her in a bad light.

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How FLAME fights back against unfair media: As you know, FLAME is the world’s only organization that publishes editorial-style ads—hasbarah—in media nationwide, telling the truth about Israel . . . and correcting media distortions and lies.• As you’ll see below, thanks to members like you, just last month FLAME ads have begun appearing in the belly of the beast—the New York Times itself.

  •  A recent editorial effort—titled “Anti-Zionism Is Racism”—exposes Israel haters who claim innocence by saying they have nothing against Jews, just the Jewish state.
    This message—which appeared in the Sunday New York Times (circulation 1.6 million readers) this spring—takes them head on. We offer irrefutable proof that those who attack Israel’s existence are anti-Semitic, pure and simple.
  • Our brand new hasbarah effort—“What Is “Palestinian Territory?”—utterly disproves accusations that Israel’s settlements in Judea-Samaria (the West Bank) are illegal under international law, and proves there’s no such legal entity as “Palestinian territory.”  

This editorial is scheduled to run in the New York Times and the Washington Post on Sunday, August 18.

  • Our recent hasbarah message——“Peace with Palestinian Dictators?”—explains the perils of the U.S. trying to force Israel to make peace with the dictatorships of Mahmoud Abbas in Judea-Samaria or the corrupt Hamas government in Gaza.

In the coming months: With your help, we will continue to counter media lies about Israel by running new editorials in major mainstream media on these topics:

  • “Who Is Really Occupying Judea and Samaria?”—Jews are not “occupiers” of the West Bank: The Arabs settled in the Holy Land after the Jews, but now want to ethnically cleanse it. Why?
  • “Why Do Palestinians Hate Israel?”—quoting their own words, we offer proof that Arabs oppose Israel . . . because they cannot accept the presence of Jews on “Muslim land.”


For decades, Israel has suffered humiliation, back-stabbing and outright Jew-hatred in the U.N.—from the notorious declaration that Zionism is racism to the 2016 Security Council Resolution condemning Israel’s “occupation” of Jerusalem, plus scores more offenses.

How do you feel? We can keep quiet in the face of such despicable anti-Semitism . . . or we can fight back.

I think you know how we at FLAME feel—and I hope you feel the same.

How FLAME fights back against the U.N. The United Nations is dependent on U.S. funding for its existence. Our support should be contingent upon Israel—one of America’s strongest allies and the only democracy in the Middle East—at least receiving a fair deal from the U.N.

Americans must know how disgracefully the U.N. treats Israel, and we must demand justice:

  • FLAME’s recent hasbarah editorial—”Exit the U.N. Human Rights Council”—which appeared in dozens of mainstream media nationwide, exposes the UNHRC for attacking Israel at virtually every meeting.

Our efforts were rewarded when the U.S. withdrew from this corrupt organization last year.

  • FLAME’s hard-hitting position paper—”U.N. School for Terrorism”—reveals the hateful jihadi lessons Palestinian children are taught in schools run by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

More good news: We’re pleased to announce that the U.S. last September ceased funding to UNRWA!

(You can see all FLAME’s messages at

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This coming year: Please support us financially to ensure we can continue to run bold editorials like these in mainstream media:


FLAME also recently distributed our hasbarah message exhorting Congress and the President to become bolder in opposing Iran’s nuclear build-up and belligerent threats to its neighbors—including Israel—as well as to U.S. interests in the Middle East.

  • This position paper is called “We Must Stop Iran Now.” This piece has been running in dozens of mainstream media in recent months.
  • FLAME’s upcoming hasbarah effort—“Why Does the European Union Support Iran?”—exposes the greed of European nations in valuing commerce with Iran over safety from the Islamic Republic’s jihadist aggression.  I hope you’ll support its publication.


For more than 10 years FLAME has long fought the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on campuses through our editorial messages published in dozens of American colleges and universities.

  • Our latest editorial—“What Does BDS Really Want?”—reveals the true purpose of BDS, which has nothing to do with Palestinian freedom, but rather stands for Israel’s destruction. (I’ve included a copy of this message in this envelope for your review.)

With your help, our upcoming hasbarah effort will continue to challenge the lies about Israel told by anti-Semitic academics, who attempt to influence millions of U.S. college students:

  • “Professors Slam the Most Progressive Nation in the Middle East—Why?” Enough Israel hate on college campuses! FLAME tells the truth about Israel’s civil liberties and humane values.


So many people say they love and support Israel, but they simply don’t know how to get involved.  They don’t have time or they don’t have thousands of dollars to give.
I understand completely.  But consider this: You don’t have to donate hours of time, and you don’t have to donate $500 or $100.  You don’t even have to donate $50 or $25.

You see, FLAME is supported by tens of thousands of members.  One by one: We have strength in numbers.

More than 30,000 donors—people just like you, many who make very modest donations, many on fixed incomes—help ensure our good work.

Won’t you please exercise your power today as someone who cares for Israel from the heart, someone who recognizes Israel’s importance to the United States and the Jewish people?

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I want to give you an unusual opportunity: No matter how much or how little you donate to FLAME before September 30, 2019—$3, $5, or $500—we will send you our special report on “BDS Exposed: How We Can Defeat the Anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement”—absolutely FREE.

That’s correct. If you start or renew your membership right now—you will help defend Israel in mainstream media—and at the same time you’ll join FLAME’s tens of thousands of passionate lovers of Israel.

But even better, with your membership before September 30, 2019, you’ll also receive our free report detailing the existential threat of BDS to Israel—why BDS is built on pure lies . . .and how we pro-Israel advocates can defeat this insidious force worldwide.


I hope you agree that FLAME’s editorial hasbarah messages, which appear monthly in media reaching more than ten million readers—including college students—must continue educating Americans about these and other issues, such anti-Semitic attacks on Zionism in mainstream media . . . and on campus.

Please review the two examples of our editorial messages in this envelope, so you can see how outspoken and forceful they are.

I hope you also agree that these editorials spread the truth about Israel—a truth we can’t depend on mainstream media to tell.

Finally, I hope you agree that Israel needs this kind of public relations—someone like FLAME to tell the inspiring story about the Jewish state—its virtues, values and accomplishments . . . and its strategic importance for our own country.

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Who supports FLAME?  Our media efforts are made possible by more than 30,000 passionate individual donors who love Israel and everything it stands for. They are people who strongly believe Israel deserves a fair shake in the media.

Thousands of our supporters are of the Christian faith, and we of course welcome their devotion and generosity.

Please be assured that FLAME is an educational non-profit organization and extraordinarily thrifty with the funds that you and other supporters contribute to us.

We work out of Spartan offices, much of our work is contributed pro bono and our part-time office-staff payroll is tiny.

By keeping expenses low, we’re able to publish our monthly messages in major national magazines and metropolitan and small-town newspapers all across the U.S.

We also send our messages, with convincing cover letters, to all U.S. Senators and Representatives, the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and all Justices of the Supreme Court.

Finally, we place our messages in campus newspapers at dozens of colleges and universities.  As you know, many campuses are hotbeds of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic militants promoting the odious BDS movement.

We want to make sure that leaders of tomorrow’s generation are informed about the truth of Israel’s just cause.

Won’t you step forward and join us in telling the truth about Israel?

When you renew as a member of FLAME, you join tens of thousands of ardent Zionists who realize how precious Israel is to the Jewish people—and the world.

Won’t you please give us your vote of support?

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Let me leave you with one thought: The American people must know the truth about these issues now. No more lies. No more fake stories.

Remember: The only thing limiting international persecution of Israel is the United States. We must continue to protect the Jewish state from her enemies.

When you become a member of FLAME, you help us continue telling Israel’s righteous and powerful story to influential people all over the U.S.—including college students—and to all members of the U.S. Congress.

I hope you agree that FLAME’s mission is critical and deserving of your generous support.

Please continue your tax-deductible membership right now—before September 30—and receive our special report on “BDS Exposed: How We Can Defeat the Anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement” at no charge.

Thank you very much, shalom and sincerely yours,BDS Exposed!

James Sinkinson, President

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Despite lies and clever camouflage, the BDS movement’s hidden goal is nothing short of Israel’s destruction. Learn how to recognize BDS deception, how to decimate its arguments . . . and how we as pro-Israel advocates can defeat this evil enemy of the Jewish state. Act now—before September 30, 2019 to receive this special report at no charge.

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