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Israel’s Settlements: Obstacle to Peace?

Arabs opposed the State of Israel before there were settlements—and oppose it still today. It’s time to clear up 5 false myths about settlements.

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If we want an Israel-Palestinian peace, it’s time to drain the swamp in the U.S. State Department

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Iran Continues to Seize Territory—and Influence—Faster than the West Can Respond

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U.S. Funds Palestinian Terrorism

Tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are spent annually to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists who murder innocent civilians in Israel.

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Palestinian Genocide?

A Black Lives Matter platform accuses Israel of genocide. The assertion is false, it’s racist and it sabotages efforts to achieve justice for African-Americans.

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Are you tired of hearing that Israel doesn’t have good PR? Discover what some ardent supporters of Israel are doing about it.

June, 2017

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME,

A few days ago, one of FLAME’s supporters—an 89-year-old survivor of Auschwitz—phoned me from Michigan. His name is David.

David said, “Jim, if there had been groups like FLAME active in 1940, we wouldn’t have had a Holocaust—whereI lost most of my family. Today you help keep Israel safe for the Jewish people—just in case.”

We don’t have many opportunities to hear stories of the Holocaust from eye-witnesses like David anymore. That’s exactly why FLAME is here.

No matter how the world’s unfair treatment of Israel may frustrate us, David’s words touch us—strengthening our determination to fight back.

I’m writing you because you have that determination—you are a passionate friend and advocate for Israel.

One thing is certain: Israel’s enemies won’t give up. Which means we at FLAME must keep defending Israel and telling her inspiring story.

Let me put 2017 in dramatic perspective for you, starting with the Israel’s treatment in the media over the last six months.