What’s Stopping a Palestinian State?

Over 72 years, Israel has offered land for peace and a Palestinian state. The Palestinians have rejected all offers. How much longer should the world wait?

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New opportunity opens for the Palestinians: Will they seize peace and prosperity . . . or let it slip away again?

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U.S. aid to Lebanon helps Hezbollah create an Iranian puppet state.

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Help the Iranians, Not the Ayatollahs

America’s greatest enemy is reeling from sanctions and a botched coronavirus response. We can best help the Iranian people by speeding regime change.

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Aid to Israel Makes the U.S. Safer

U.S. aid to Israel is really not aid at all. The $3.8 billion sent annually to Israel is an investment in our own country’s security, returning many times its cost.

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Shocking events in recent months remind us Israel advocates that we can never rest. Despite major victories for the Jewish state, new, even more vicious threats loom large.

July, 2019

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

Let me tell you about an anguished email just I received from a FLAME supporter: This kind woman was distressed due to the horrible bias against Israel she sees around her—on college campuses, in the media, the UN, and now among some American politicians.

I wrote back to her, admitting that while it can be frustrating when you love Israel as much as we do . . . we must always remember two things:
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