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Facts & Logic About the Middle East2018-08-13T20:08:58+00:00

Peace with Palestinian Dictators?

Governments of the Palestinians’ two ruling dictatorships are in shambles—and at war with each other. How can Israel possibly achieve peace with them at this time?

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Hamas attacks on Israel are another form of mass-suicide intifada—which no Western development aid can cure

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Israel Faces Military Eruption as Iran and Its Allied Militias Threaten the Golan Heights

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Palestinian Mythology

Palestinian Arabs claim full ownership of the Holy Land, denying any Jewish connection or rights—all based on deceptive lies, all easily proven false.

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We Must Stop Iran Now

Iran, the greatest source of global terror, threatens the U.S., Israel and most of the world. It will soon acquire nuclear weapons. How can we stop this outlaw regime?

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