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Palestinian Mythology

Palestinian Arabs claim full ownership of the Holy Land, denying any Jewish connection or rights—all based on deceptive lies, all easily proven false

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Palestinians Join UN-Affiliated Organizations: Law Says US Must Defund

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Time to stop the UNRWA Palestinian refugee scam

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We Must Stop Iran Now

Iran, the greatest source of global terror, threatens the U.S., Israel and most of the world. It will soon acquire nuclear weapons. How can we stop this outlaw regime?

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Exit the U.N. Human Rights Council

The U.S. should leave this anti-Semitic group, which devotes every meeting to condemning Israel, while ignoring the world’s most heinous human rights crimes.

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Seeing anti-Semitism on the streets of the U.S.—and anti-Israel bias in mainstream media—makes me want to fight back.
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September, 2017

Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME,

You may be interested to know that FLAME’s founder, Gerardo Joffe, just turned 96 years old. He told me a story I’ll never forget. He described fleeing Berlin in terror in 1938, just after Kristalnacht—the vicious Nazi attacks on synagogues and Jewish businesses all over Germany.

“We were scared to death,” he said, “and I was lucky to survive. But millions of Jews—our people, our families—were slaughtered. If we had had Israel then, we could have saved them.

“Then, the miracle: Israel was born. But today the anti-Semites still attack the Jews, and now they try to destroy Israel, especially in the media. That’s why I started FLAME—to protect Israel. Never again—it’s true. We can never forget.”

I recalled Gerardo Joffe’s story as the anti-Semites marched in Charlottesville last month. It awakened fierce emotions in me. That’s why I wonder how you are feeling.