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Facts and Logic About
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FLAME ads communicate the facts about Israel and its enemies to millions of Americans. Below you’ll find examples of messages FLAME has published nationally and internationally in recent months.

Why Can't the Palestinians Have a State?
After the Arabs lost the West Bank and Gaza to the Jewish state in 1967, they denied Israel’s right to exist—as well as the prospect of a Palestinian state.

When Israel defeated five invading Arab armies in 1967, it drove Jordan from eastern Jerusalem and the Jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria (later known as the West Bank) and repulsed Egypt from Gaza. Shortly thereafter, the Arab League issued its famous Khartoum Resolution: "No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel and no negotiations with it." Since then, despite numerous Israeli offers of land for a Palestinian state, the Arabs continue to reject peace.
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Can We Afford an Israeli-Palestinian Peace?
Reaching a peace accord in the midst of today's Middle East turmoil could hand a victory to global jihad and a horror to the rest of the world.

Hamas, as well as terror groups ISIS, al Qaeda and Hizbollah, are waging a global jihad—seeking to conquer Arab lands, attack the West and establish an Islamist caliphate. Their numbers and conquests are growing. Though Israel recently repulsed Hamas militarily, the jihadi group's popularity among Palestinians has skyrocketed. Indeed, Hamas threatens to soon seize the Palestinian West Bank, as it did Gaza in 2007. Is this the time for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement?
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ISIS, Hamas and the Black Flag of Global Jihad
How dangerous is global jihad to the U.S., Israel and the rest of the world— and how should we deal with this threat?

Terrorist groups ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), Hamas, al Qaeda and Boko Haram have in common their disdain for Western values, their murderous disregard for human life and their goals of conquering vast lands in the name of Islam. Because they consider jihad a divine mission, they refuse to surrender or negotiate peace.
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When the media and pundits blame Israel for Palestinian violence, it means they don't believe Arabs are responsible—and that's racist.


An Urgent Letter
from FLAME President,
Gerardo Joffe

  August, 2014
Dear Friend of Israel, dear Friend of FLAME:

As I am writing these lines, thousands (quite literally!) of rockets are falling on Israel.  All come from the Gaza Strip, which Israel – probably quite foolishly – turned over to the Arabs several years ago.  It isn't really quite clear how a militarily dominant nation would have countenanced this enormous build-up of rockets since, quite obviously, it would have been in position to prevent it.  But there it is, and now Israel, a major military power, has to deal with it. 

Fortunately, at least until now, there has been very little damage and very few casualties.  And that can mostly be ascribed to the outstandingly excellent development by Israeli science of the Iron Dome Interception System.  The IDIS is extremely successful and accurate.  It is a real miracle how this system operates because it essentially intercepts one bullet in flight with another bullet.

But it is possible and indeed quite probable, that sooner or later one of those rockets …

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