FLAME’s Purpose

FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East) has for over 25 years brought the truth about Israel and the Middle East conflict to the attention of an American public that is mostly uninformed and misinformed about these matters. The media — both print and broadcast — are with few exceptions biased against Israel.

FLAME‘s purpose, as stated in each one of our messages, is:

“. . . the research and publication of the facts regarding developments in the Middle East and exposing false propaganda that might harm the interests of the United States and its allies in that area of the world.”

We accomplish this purpose by publishing monthly hasbarah (educating and clarifying) messages in major publications of general circulation, such as The Nation, The National Review, The American Spectator, The Washington Times National Weekly, and others. We also publish our messages in a number of college newspapers and Jewish publications, in the U.S., such as The Forward, and in Israel, such as The International Edition of the Jerusalem Post.

Our messages also appear monthly in over fifty small-town newspapers, across the United States and Canada, covering an important segment of the population that might otherwise not have access to mainstream media.

To read the most recent acquisition letter that FLAME has written to our donors, please click here.  We include these letters in this web site in order to acquaint you further with our work and with the policies that we favor and with which we hope you will agree.

FLAME is the only organization that runs paid editorial messages in mainstream media to acquaint the American public with the truth about Israel, the enormous pressures to which the Jewish State is subject, and the great dangers — existential dangers — it would face if it were to yield to these pressures.

To see the topics we have covered over the course of the last few years, click here . They are listed in order from the most recent to the earliest. All of them are important, though some of them (topical at the time of publication) are no longer in the center of interest and in the public eye.

FLAME is not a membership organization. We have no “members” — only donors. About 40,000 people — Jews and Gentiles — have contributed to this unique and important cause. We invite you cordially to add your voice and to add your support. You will have taken an important step toward bringing the truth to the American people and for the welfare of Israel.

To learn how to become a donor, please click here.

You will be pleased to know that FLAME spends the overwhelming majority of its funds on publishing its hasbarah messages. Most of our work is contributed on a volunteer basis, we have no full-time employees. and overhead is kept to a bare minimum. In short, a major share of contributions goes directly to Israel’s good cause, and not for facilities and salaries.

We are fiercely independent and have virtually no foundation support. Practically all of our contributions are from people like you — $100, $50, or $25 at a time.

You have a right to know what happens to your money. Therefore, also in contrast to what we believe to be all other organizations, we publish our financial statements. To view our most recent financial statements, click here.